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  • FRIENDS: Sean Bones

    FRIENDS: A 5 Question Interview Series I met Sean through his younger brother Mikey, whose college apartment in Allston was where I first partied as a freshman at Boston University. That same apartment became my residence for junior and senior year of school, where I found myself surrounded by a ton of underground music and […]

  • FRIENDS: Demitri Swan

    FRIENDS: A 5 Question Interview Series Demitri & I met on a soccer field. It was the first day of college. The one day when approaching a complete stranger seeking friendship seems relatively easy & acceptable. Funny enough, I think it was a pair of skateboard sneakers with a worn toe on his feet that […]

  • FRIENDS: Bill McRight

    FRIENDS: A 5 Question Interview Series I first met Bill about three years back, at the Orlando Convention Center amidst the chaos of Surf Expo. We made eye contact across the carpeted exhibition aisle sharing a lost gaze, not uncommon during industry tradeshows. I’m not sure if we were lost for the same reasons (I […]

  • FRIENDS: Autumn Ahn

    FRIENDS: A 5 Question Interview Series I shot a couple of photos at my friend Autumn’s studio space when I was up in Boston a couple weeks back…Just got the film developed and loved this portrait of her…Pretty Autumn makes pretty art. Autumn Ahn Location: Somerville, MA Field: Fine Arts, Painting, Illustration, 3-D, Installation Elsewhere: […]