FRIENDS: Bill McRight

A 5 Question Interview Series

I first met Bill about three years back, at the Orlando Convention Center amidst the chaos of Surf Expo. We made eye contact across the carpeted exhibition aisle sharing a lost gaze, not uncommon during industry tradeshows. I’m not sure if we were lost for the same reasons (I think I had a few too many beers & Bill was a skateboard kid around a bunch of surf jocks). Long story short, upon returning home to Philadelphia, Bill invited me to visit his studio at Space1026. It was the first time I had been to the well-known collaborative studio space and the energy and inspiration I took home that day has kept me stopping by on a monthly basis ever since…

Bill McRight

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Field: Artist, Printmaker, Illustrator
Elsewhere: | McRight On! | Space1026

1. As an artist what fuels you to pursue your craft?

So many different things, on some days it’s all about being stoked on being alive, others it’s all misanthropy and loathing. I just have this feeling that if I’m not making stuff then I’m effing up… you know? When it comes to the actual craft part, I just get excited to do a good job in a bunch of different mediums, it’s hard to focus sometimes but I like to do a bunch of different stuff and figuring out how to get what I want out of each is such a good feeling.

2. Inspiration is often hard to pin-point. If inspiration were one item of food which would it be, and why?

Have you ever had that Salmon over rice from the Thai spot in Reading Terminal Market? If not, go get it… It’s super good. I guess that would be inspiration food. More based on the experience of getting food from there than anything. That place is crazy, there’s so many people and the sauce they put on the salmon is so good. Dude, just go get it, I think you’ll understand.

3. If you had $100 and no obligations what would you want to do tomorrow?

Grab some coffee, smokes, get on my bike, call up some of the crew, crucial hang session, and spend what ever money is left after smokes and coffee on scratch off tickets and hope that it was a good investment.

4. Which do you feel best fits you. Donut, Croissant or Danish?

Croissant, flakey but so good, plus there’s so much you can do with them, chocolate filled, savory cheeses, fuckin’ hell man have you ever had a croissandwich? All around banger cousin.

5. Is there a quote, saying, or motto you’d like to share with others?

“WTF? FTW!”- Jon Bocksel





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