FRIENDS: Demitri Swan

A 5 Question Interview Series

Demitri & I met on a soccer field. It was the first day of college. The one day when approaching a complete stranger seeking friendship seems relatively easy & acceptable. Funny enough, I think it was a pair of skateboard sneakers with a worn toe on his feet that made me even bother. Although we now occupy cities that lay some three-thousand miles apart it’s rare that we don’t say hello when we see each others name and a green light on chat. In the eight years since that first day of college we’ve spent four in the same city, two of them in the same house & amazingly four of them over the inter-web, keeping one another in the loop on each others personal and creative lives. During that time Demitri has been a part of some great little bands and seems to be onto something with his most recent group, Young Adults. Check their recent music video below or have a listen to their great first release, Black Hole LP on their bandcamp.

Demitri Swan

Location: Allston, MA
Field: Bassist / Vox in Young Adults
Elsewhere: Young Adults on Bandcamp

1. As an artist what fuels you to pursue your craft?

I want to make an impact on the history of music with my current band, on whatever scale that may be. I think about Sonic Youth, how they remained loyal to their sound, regardless of the countless obstacles in their musical career and idiosyncratic elements of their music. Ultimately they became one of the most influential bands in the world, a cultural imperative for any student of independent rock music. I’m not aiming to be in the next Sonic Youth, but they definitely inspire me to achieve my own modest set of goals.

2. Inspiration is often hard to pin-point. If inspiration were one item of food which would it be, and why?

Cheese. The process is gross and there is a lot of waiting but the end result is a sensory explosion.

3. If you had $100 and no obligations what would you want to do tomorrow?

Go see Jeff the Brotherhood with SKIMASK at Great Scott tomorrow and buy all my friends a beer.

4. Which do you feel best fits you. Donut, Croissant or Danish?

Cheese danishes are delectable. It’s sweet and there is cheese in it. The density and textures are perfect…kinda how I like my tunes.

5. Is there a quote, saying, or motto you’d like to share with others?

Rip it up.





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