FRIENDS: Sean Bones

A 5 Question Interview Series

I met Sean through his younger brother Mikey, whose college apartment in Allston was where I first partied as a freshman at Boston University. That same apartment became my residence for junior and senior year of school, where I found myself surrounded by a ton of underground music and musicians. Back then Sean played with the band These Bones (along side of Keelay), who were among the first of the “indie” bands I was turned onto as I jumped head first into new independent music. Needless to say, it was inspiring to see these guys rock and then go party with them afterwards! After school I made a point of keeping Sean within reach, keeping an eye on his many projects…It’s been exciting to see Sean navigate through creative space, building a pyramid of successful projects (Sam Champion, Wah Do Dem, S/S Friends…to name a few), and now, with the release of Buzzards Boy, only the future will tell where Sean shows up next! Check his website (which I had the privilege of building) and pick up the latest from a dude I’m happy to call a friend!

Sean Bones

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Field: The DUDE of Sean Bones
Elsewhere: Sean Bones

1. As an artist what fuels you to pursue your craft?

Making sounds or things that I want to hear or see that aren’t already being made.

2. Inspiration is often hard to pin-point. If inspiration were one item of food which would it be, and why?

Lobster Roll. Maybe cause they’re best straight up without too much shit on them.

3. If you had $100 and no obligations what would you want to do tomorrow?

Go eat pastries in Nimbin, New South Wales.

4. Which do you feel best fits you. Meat Lovers Pizza, Tomato Pie or Calzone?

Tomato Pie. I’m feeling light and fresco.

5. Is there a quote, saying, or motto you’d like to share with others?

“Stay away from microwaves” – Axl Rose






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