So Me…So Good

So Me, the artist who did Justice’s Grammy winning D.A.N.C.E. video done did it again. This time the motion graphics and retro mash-up typography jive to Justice “DVNO”. Somehow So Me has found a perfect balance between cheese-ball pre-set effects and genuinely crafted retro-ish motion graphics. I can’t get enough of the amazing transitions throughout the whole video! Some favorite moments…The Mayhem explosion, Cool type-treatment on the Grid, and DVNO constellation type warp! Its all soooo GOOD!



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2 responses to “So Me…So Good”

  1. Goldenstash Avatar

    Boner fuel!

  2. Becky C Avatar

    *ahem* I heard from someone who knows that GRAMMY should be in all caps. Unfortunately, media and bloggers aren’t keen on branding. 😛

    I’m just being a jerk. But seriously.

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