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  • EUROT R I P + Barcelona > Paris

    [iframe id=”https://player.vimeo.com/video/73827440″ mode=”normal”] A year ago I bought a last minute ticket to Europe. The plan was to check out Barcelona for a couple days and then take a train to Paris to see my friend Autumn before jetting back to the U.S. of A! Most everything went as planned except that all that video […]

  • Sliding & Riding Philadelphia

    We’ve had a record setting amount of snow here in Philadelphia this year! While most of the city sighs with agony and continues to dig out, a few of us “lucky ones” really know how to enjoy a freezing, snowy winter! I’m that dude on the snowboard. Video by the fantastic Pete Herron!

  • Ambling Alp

    I saw this video when it dropped a few weeks back but it wasn’t until revisiting it that I really became fond of it. There has been a lot of make-up / goo / dripping paint and plenty of psychedelics in videos the past couple of years that it becomes boring or un-interesting. However, Yeasayer’s […]

  • Surfing & Sweet Tea in OBX

    My good friend Jerry has been busy traveling & filming for his upcoming video project (working title Spectacular Adventures). He caught some killer frames in the Outer Banks this past week and I wanted to share. Some of these waves are bone crushing! I’m excited to be working with Jerry on the new film, and […]

  • So Me…So Good

    So Me, the artist who did Justice’s Grammy winning D.A.N.C.E. video done did it again. This time the motion graphics and retro mash-up typography jive to Justice “DVNO”. Somehow So Me has found a perfect balance between cheese-ball pre-set effects and genuinely crafted retro-ish motion graphics. I can’t get enough of the amazing transitions throughout […]