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  • Young Adults

    My good friend Demitri Swan has a new music project called Young Adults…He just sent over their demo which is available for free and it sounds good! Have a listen on their myspace or download the 5 track demo for free! Nice album design too! Get some!

  • You Can Be A Wesley in Phila!

  • Toro & Hysteria

    Whoa! That was my first reaction when playing with Bb 2.0. Described as a a collaborative music and spoken word project allows any viewer to play video/audio samples simultaneously. Amazingly the soundtracks work together and using the youtube volume controls you can actual mix them in real time. I recited a T.S. Eliot piece entitled […]

  • Friends! The Toothaches ETC…

    My buddy Addison Post put this together for The Phoenix (Boston based weekly) – It really is inspiring and great and I love it…It doesn’t hurt that I’ve had the privilege of calling all these kids friends! Happy New Years! 2010! Inspired! Positive Change! Check out The Toothaches or listen below! The Toothaches – Everything

  • Tony Orlando’s House

    Yo La Tengo Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House Yo La Tengo – Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House & Manipulated Found Image (Google Search ‘Ocean’)

  • Ambling Alp

    I saw this video when it dropped a few weeks back but it wasn’t until revisiting it that I really became fond of it. There has been a lot of make-up / goo / dripping paint and plenty of psychedelics in videos the past couple of years that it becomes boring or un-interesting. However, Yeasayer’s […]

  • HOT CHIP! Feeling it…

    I know I’m late on this, but Brit-Electro-Pop Hot Chip is making some magic! I’m rather new to their music but I like what they do. The song Wrestlers is especially tickling my fancy at this point in time…ENJOY! Hot Chip – WrestlersHot Chip – Wrestlers

  • All-Star Week!

    Once and a while I think everyone catches a little hot streak. Well this past week went up in flames! HOT STREAK HOT FIRE FLAMES! This could be a result of an almost religious experience at the Justice show last Monday in Philly. It was wild; enough said. Tuesday night came around and who was […]

  • So Me…So Good

    So Me, the artist who did Justice’s Grammy winning D.A.N.C.E. video done did it again. This time the motion graphics and retro mash-up typography jive to Justice “DVNO”. Somehow So Me has found a perfect balance between cheese-ball pre-set effects and genuinely crafted retro-ish motion graphics. I can’t get enough of the amazing transitions throughout […]