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  • Looking back, thinking forward…

    Looking back, thinking forward…

    This past year we sat often with heavy hearts, we stayed inside, we masked up, we connected in new ways, we watched and we listened, we cooked, we got tested, we marched, and we protested, we snuck outside, we played, we drew, we drove, and we biked, we figured some things out, and we still […]

  • 11 Years Later, A Pleasant Surprise

    11 Years Later, A Pleasant Surprise

    11 years ago my friend Kyle Pahlow and I released our east coast surf film, A Pleasant Surprise, with premieres at the Paramount Theatre in Asbury Park, NJ, a prime time slot in the burgeoning New York Surf Film Festival, and a limited DVD release. Since then it seems most everything has gone online, as […]

  • Quarantine Masks

    Quarantine Masks

    Amidst lockdown orders and the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic I found a silent and slow pace of life that was unusual. After a few anxious weeks I began to feel the need to create with this empty time and space and naturally I looked outward for inspiration. Initially it was $5 and $10 bundles […]

  • Lockdown: Los Angeles

    This visual portrait of Los Angeles is a reminder of what we’ve been through—and what we’re still up against.

  • 2019 B-Sides

    What is A, if not the first? What is today if not the last. A year, the structure, in hours and days, a week and a month at a time. Building upon each other, we count them, the units influence us and we live within time. This one time I celebrated the super blood wolf […]

  • Hawaii 1-8 On Video

    Thankful for a few days to feel like a kid again and for all my friends who make days like these a reality. This ones for you!

  • Crystal Clear in Indonesia

    Crystal Clear in Indonesia

    12 days aboard the Crystal Clear surf charter in Sumatra, Indonesia.

  • A Coastal Drive

    A day in the life…A drive from Long Beach, Ca to Palos Verdes, Ca. Walking friends dogs at Trump national golf course and bits of miscellaneous conversations

  • Good Morning Internet – Special Edition: Net Neutrality!

    Ok…this one is for the internet! The FCC is voting to end net neutrality on Dec. 14th. Congress can still stop the vote, but only if we make them. Go to to #StoptheFCC and defend net neutrality before it’s too late. Then, join me in “breaking the Internet” by adding a new job position […]