Category: Inspiration

  • Creative Mornings with Justin Lyon

    A doodle from the most recent Creative Mornings in Los Angeles with Justin Lyon! Justin is the producer behind Yo Gabba Gabba and he talked about sending Biz Markie myspace messages to invite him to be their first guest for the pilot episode…classic!

  • YACHT! Creative Mornings

    A doodle from this mornings Creative Mornings LA with special guests YACHT. I’ve been a fan of YACHT and their D.I.Y. approach to all things creative. Music, design, apparel, products, politics, apps…you name it – They dabble in it…Enjoy one of their most recent tracks below, PARTY AT THE NSA!

  • Creative Mornings! Los Angeles

    Two weeks ago I attended my first Creative Mornings talk, a free, monthly breakfast lecture series for creative types. HUGE Designer/Creative Director Joe Stewart gave a talk on the global theme, Happiness…which he manipulated into a inspiring talk about inspiration. He spoke about the work that inspires him including Braun designer Dieter Rams, Kraftwerk, Peter […]

  • Forever Inspiring

    Vivid childhood memories of jumping from pillow to pillow over running lava…Thank you Maurice Sendak [iframe id=””]

  • Tumblr Lyfe

    After some hard drive cleaning the past couple of weeks I’ve decided that its time to share an abundance of photographs that have sat dormant for too long…For now you can see them on my tumblr which I’ve revamped and cleaned up. Please follow and check back for weekly updates!

  • Steve Powers in Brooklyn

    Always inspiring seeing new work from Steve Powers. Check out this Art Talk episode from VICE featuring the artist and his new love letter project in Brooklyn. A sign I designed when helping out with the Philadelphia Love Letter even made its way into the background of the video at the 6 minute mark (Double […]


    Introducing the SWAG logo, a Creative Commons logo. Make a tee, a sticker, a stencil, a lapel pin, a gold chain, an embroidered hat, a poster…whatever you’d like. The Creative Commons license allows anyone to use this logo, sell products with this logo on them, modify and/or remix this logo, etc.. #GETIT #DOWNLOAD #SWAG This […]


    I heard a short piece on the radio last night about a website that combined real-time police scanners with ambient music. After hearing a little sample I knew I had to take a closer look, but the product is actually more mind-blowing than you’d expect. The formula is extremely simple and the resulting never-ending stream […]

  • JR Inside Out Project

    Watch this wonderful video and participate in the Inside Out Project from TED Prize Winner JR UPDATE: To my surprise I found out JR had an exhibition this week in Long Beach, CA at Phantom Galleries and I was lucky enough to catch the show. There he had a photo booth that was pumping out […]