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  • Rip Ride Rally FDR

    Rip Ride Rally FDR

    This is a story about the Rip Ride Rally at FDR in Philadelphia, PA.

  • AJ Fosik & Bill McRight in Colorado!

    My good friend Bill has a show coming up in Denver, CO with artist AJ Fosik. I had the chance to see AJ’s show last year at Space1026. The work was beautifully crafted and exciting to see in person! I’d have a piece hanging on my wall if I could afford it…until then I’ll just […]

  • Deck Heads 3 – The Making Of

    Deck Heads 3 at Exit Philadelphia was a huge success and featured a ton of great work by too many artists to name! The deck I have in the show is still available for the small small price of $200.00…I know its expensive but I gotta pay the bills! Contact Exit for more info! Click […]

  • Shepard Fairey & OBEY in Philadelphia

    On April 23, 2010 Shepard Fairey and his crew covered the side of Awesome Dudes Printing (South Philadelphia) with the iconic images of Fairey’s OBEY campaign. Shepard is out east for a few weeks with his crew, preparing for his May 1st show at Deitch Projects in New York City. Music by Las Flores Project…Also […]

  • Sliding & Riding Philadelphia

    We’ve had a record setting amount of snow here in Philadelphia this year! While most of the city sighs with agony and continues to dig out, a few of us “lucky ones” really know how to enjoy a freezing, snowy winter! I’m that dude on the snowboard. Video by the fantastic Pete Herron!

  • Snowboarding in Philadelphia

    Song: Kurt Vile – Overnite Religion

  • I’m From Barcelona! No You’re Not!

    Last Thursday I witnessed a show that easily jumps into my top 5 live performances list! For those of you not in the know, ‘I’m From Barcelona’, is an indie-pop group from Sweden with a lot of members. 29 to be exact!. They play music that is so happy it makes you want to cry […]

  • All-Star Week!

    Once and a while I think everyone catches a little hot streak. Well this past week went up in flames! HOT STREAK HOT FIRE FLAMES! This could be a result of an almost religious experience at the Justice show last Monday in Philly. It was wild; enough said. Tuesday night came around and who was […]

  • Philadelphia

    The great old city of Philadelphia…what can I say? I can say that it is now my homebase, which I am very excited about. I can also say that it is home to the wonderful R5 Productions, the renowned Space 1026, Cheesesteaks, the Italian Market, Musicians such as Dr. Dog, Man Man, The Roots, and […]