Shepard Fairey & OBEY in Philadelphia

On April 23, 2010 Shepard Fairey and his crew covered the side of Awesome Dudes Printing (South Philadelphia) with the iconic images of Fairey’s OBEY campaign. Shepard is out east for a few weeks with his crew, preparing for his May 1st show at Deitch Projects in New York City.

Music by Las Flores Project…Also Thanks to Bill McRight & Pete Herron.


5 responses to “Shepard Fairey & OBEY in Philadelphia”

  1. bryan lathrop Avatar

    nice…multiple lurkers, SICK end product.

  2. Justin Avatar

    First bitches

  3. zeeg Avatar

    What does the even mean?

  4. brian Avatar


  5. RobC Avatar

    Sickkkk! Yo you need to add a tweet button on your blog so others can post easily.. just saying haha.

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