I’m From Barcelona! No You’re Not!

Last Thursday I witnessed a show that easily jumps into my top 5 live performances list! For those of you not in the know, ‘I’m From Barcelona’, is an indie-pop group from Sweden with a lot of members. 29 to be exact!. They play music that is so happy it makes you want to cry good tears. Their performance in Philadelphia, at the First Unitarian Church, was packed with balloons, confetti, the cutest Swedish girls, and the most beaming, blissful, & jubilant crowd ever! Basically it was a HAPPY FEST in all capital letters! ‘I’m From Barcelona’ does not play very many live shows, especially in the US, so if you have the opportunity to witness euphoria make sure you pay the $14 for a ticket, slip on your dancing shoes, and show up ready to SMILE!

More Photographs from the show via PeteHerron.com


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