Category: Ideas

  • Want to Dance? Jazz Hands!

  • Peace of (Mind)

  • Six Feet Under (Water)

  • Sculpture Idea?

    I was brushing my teeth today and BAM! …into my head pops this idea…pardon the quick illustration…I’ll add this to my to do list of art to make. Either way…knowledge is power.

  • Typography & The Road

    An idea for a type face…

  • Why They Do What They Do!?

    While driving through North Philadelphia today I heard this commentary from NPR’s Michel Martin on Tell Me More. Her observations are quite profound & so well worded that I hunted down the sound clip just to listen again. Please have a listen.

  • A Doodle Day! And A Dream!

    I had a dream last night that I was sitting by the window of my apartment, clutching a giant sea-fishing rod. I was trying to reel in a monster fish from the sea, which was located just outside the opposite window of my apartment (which doesn’t exist). It was quite a battle. After struggling I […]

  • Neon Sushi

    Today I was inspired by a neon sign that read ‘sushi’. This may turn into something bigger…

  •…Very Smart!

    SiteLA is a beautiful communal work and exhibition space in Los Angeles. Six independent and creative women, who have been dubbed “Visionaries in Residence” have been living and working at the space since February and will continue to do so throughout the year. The project is a way of promoting and celebrating the launch of […]