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  • Turn a Bernie Bro into a Biden Supporter

    Turn a Bernie Bro into a Biden Supporter

    Here I’m sharing a derivative work based on the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign bumper sticker. The idea is to be Pro-Biden while not abandoning support for progressive policy.

  • Good Morning Internet – Special Edition: Net Neutrality!

    Ok…this one is for the internet! The FCC is voting to end net neutrality on Dec. 14th. Congress can still stop the vote, but only if we make them. Go to to #StoptheFCC and defend net neutrality before it’s too late. Then, join me in “breaking the Internet” by adding a new job position […]

  • Conversations with Myself

    The photograph below was taken last Summer. It captures what I believe to be three generations (I’m telling you but I’m also showing you because I am not certain)…The New Yorker cover is what I believe to be three generations. I’m more sure of the cartoon than I am of my own photograph.

  • Spaghetti & Confetti – A Short Film by Nick Zegel

    I’m proud to share a short film that I wrote and directed called Spaghetti & Confetti! Have a look below! [iframe id=””] Below are some photos from the afternoon of shooting snapped by the lovely Danny Corey… Special thanks to Lena, Eldrich, Dan, Danny, Heather, Justin & Francellis!

  • #S#W#A#G in a Marvel Comic Book!?

    It appears the SWAG Logo has continued to travel into the universe on a journey of its own…this time my good pal Ty points out that the graphic was replicated in a COMICBOOK! After some Googlin’ it seems as though the comic is called Gambit and will be available on August 29th 2012 in a […]

  • Hipster Runoff Conspiracy!

    After 7 fantastic days in Austin for SXSW I’ve returned to Long Beach and with that has come some fun coverage of two very random personal projects! First the SWAG logo showed up on BET and now Hipster Runoff has posted a Grimes / Keyboard Cat mash-up which I put together after my friend Brittany […]

  • Banana What?

  • Tasty Wave!

    “All I need are some tasty waves, a cool buzz, and I’m fine.” – Jeff Spicoli


    I heard a short piece on the radio last night about a website that combined real-time police scanners with ambient music. After hearing a little sample I knew I had to take a closer look, but the product is actually more mind-blowing than you’d expect. The formula is extremely simple and the resulting never-ending stream […]