A Doodle Day! And A Dream!

I had a dream last night that I was sitting by the window of my apartment, clutching a giant sea-fishing rod. I was trying to reel in a monster fish from the sea, which was located just outside the opposite window of my apartment (which doesn’t exist). It was quite a battle. After struggling I finally muscled this giant catch into the window. It flew across the room. I grabbed the fishing line and held up the fish; Grabbed a knife and stabbed into it. I thought this giant fish was a monster. I leaned out the window I was sitting by, holding the fish far away from my face. From inside the fish dropped the skeleton of a lobster (keep in mind lobsters don’t really have skeletons but rather exoskeletons). Still thinking this fish was a monster, I asked Justin (who was standing by my side) what to do with the fish! He said calmly, “Just leave it outside the window on the ledge, we’ll cook it tomorrow. And don’t knock off the lobster skeleton!”. Just then realized I was just holding a giant fish. It posed no threat to my being. Immediately after I heard machine gun noises from the alley just below the window. I was startled and yelled! I leaned out the window and looked down. There sat a picnic table, not a soul in sight. Atop the table, a bunch of fireworks sat, triggering themselves. It was quite the show!

And all of a sudden it was 12:15pm. I was seconds from crawling out of bed at 10:00am. I’m kind of glad I went for the ride this time!

My first attempt at a Lobster Skeleton and some other doodles from today!



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