…Very Smart!

SiteLA is a beautiful communal work and exhibition space in Los Angeles. Six independent and creative women, who have been dubbed “Visionaries in Residence” have been living and working at the space since February and will continue to do so throughout the year. The project is a way of promoting and celebrating the launch of Quiksilver’s latest womens line.

Quiksilver will be supporting the six women for the next year as they pursue their individual goals as artists, activists, entrepreneurs and designers. At the same time they will be hosting positive community events which are free for everyone! Brands today seem to be trying harder and harder to get their lines worn by their ideal target customer. Quiksilver is taking a ‘Give before You Receive’ approach, which I think you will see more and more often as brands realize that they need to reach out further to their customers before they receive anything in return. It’s a ‘You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours’ with the customer coming first! Not only is this a very cool project but the bi-product of the entire year will be some fantastic work, and plenty of photographs and video, which will serve to promote the line of clothing and most likely will pop up in Quiksilver’s advertising and collateral. Just a VERY Smart Idea. When your ideal target customers (The Visionaries in Residence) unintentionally are creating your campaigns and living their lives in your clothes chances are the end result is big exposure and very natural and genuine marketing. Visit for more and check out these six beautiful and empowered women!



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  1. Quiksilver siteLA Avatar

    I’m so glad that the word is spreading! This is really a community project, so we want to involve our community as much as possible. Check out upcoming events at, or just stop by and say hi. We would love to show you what we’re working on.

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