#S#W#A#G in a Marvel Comic Book!?

It appears the SWAG Logo has continued to travel into the universe on a journey of its own…this time my good pal Ty points out that the graphic was replicated in a COMICBOOK! After some Googlin’ it seems as though the comic is called Gambit and will be available on August 29th 2012 in a comic shop near you! The BET exposure could have been expected but never in a million years would I have guessed that I’d make MARVEL! Oh the wonders of the internet…


When I designed the SWAG logo late one night last year I decided to try something new. I’ve long admired the Creative Commons project and had noticed a trend in open source design and programming. The logo, inspired by a new generation of hip-hop, was made available for free to download & use, through a micro-site and licensed using the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License. Read more…







4 responses to “#S#W#A#G in a Marvel Comic Book!?”

  1. Ramiro Valdes Avatar

    hey man, just checking out your website, thought id drop a line. these photos look awesome! i attached my facebook page so you could check it out

  2. zeeg Avatar

    Thanks Ramiro!

  3. Steve Avatar

    So you get paid when they use your logo?

  4. zeegisbreathing Avatar

    No I did not because I made it available under the creative commons license!

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