I heard a short piece on the radio last night about a website that combined real-time police scanners with ambient music. After hearing a little sample I knew I had to take a closer look, but the product is actually more mind-blowing than you’d expect. The formula is extremely simple and the resulting never-ending stream of ambient music layered with police communication creates a cinematic and intriguing story that unfolds before your very ears. I could probably dig up one thousand adjectives to describe the listening experience but its hard not to just settle for beautiful. This is special stuff and I think you should listen (for more than 5 minutes)… Visit

While on the subject of ambient music I might as well mention a very cool application called OmmWriter which, when launched, takes over your computer, blocks distractions, pumps some ambient sounds and forces an open mind flowwww. It’s a FREE download for both MAC & PC. Check it! OMMWRITER



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