Exploring Portland!

Some photos from a jam-packed weekend exploring Portland, Oregon a few weekends back!

The cat that almost killed me

Long story short…This cat almost killed me.

Travis gave me my first look at Burnside! Having spent so much time at FDR in Philadelphia is was epic to finally skate the original…

Unfortunately things were very very wet…But we made the most!

Breezeblock Gallery

Bill McRight makes really great stuff! He had a great show opening in Portland at Breezeblock Gallery along with former Philadelphian Alex Lukas…

Alex Lukas makes really great stuff too!
This SIGN.
I met XENO in Portland…He knows the only other XENO that I know…Weird!
Some chairs that caught my eye in a weird smelly DIY venue / zine / record shop…

[caption width="900"]A very talented group…including Adam Garcia, Anton Pearson & Ryan Bush of The Pressure

The Lineup at The Bridge Club…It was the last night for this amazing space…
Caught this back tail transfer!




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