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  • Rip Ride Rally FDR

    Rip Ride Rally FDR

    This is a story about the Rip Ride Rally at FDR in Philadelphia, PA.

  • Grocery Store Flowers

    Covid-19 grocery store trips were strange and dystopian immediately following lock-down orders and while empty shelfs and masked patrons sparked anxiety, the mediocre flower bunches at the store’s entry way brought color and life into my home and studio when I needed it most. Ralph’s bouquets even began inspiring quick doodles and evolved as I […]

  • The Taco Bell Drawing Club

    Two weeks ago, after learning that artist Jason Polan had passed away from cancer, I decided to host and attend my first Taco Bell Drawing Club. I had become a fan of Jason’s work after coming across his blog years ago. Jason had formed this club back in 2005 and since then has gathered with […]

  • Mahalo Hawaii

    Mahalo Hawaii

    A new zine filled with photos and drawings from a week on Oahu, Hawaii accompanied by quotes from ‘Good Thoughts for a Good Life’, a bulletin posted at Kahuku Golf Course. Edition of 25.

  • 2019 B-Sides

    What is A, if not the first? What is today if not the last. A year, the structure, in hours and days, a week and a month at a time. Building upon each other, we count them, the units influence us and we live within time. This one time I celebrated the super blood wolf […]

  • Chase at the New York Comedy Festival

    My friend and comedian Chase Bernstein asked me to help her promote her headlining gig at The New York Comedy Festival

  • Cleaning Up The Earth!

    This weekend I participated in my first ever beach clean up. I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I’ve never done this before but it was truly eye opening. Once I opened my eyes the plastic started revealing itself between my toes. It was beautiful and tragic at the same time. Let’s all try to buy […]

  • The Doll Show – Girl Skateboards x (Red)

    Event photography by Mike Anderson. Video by Tommy Paz.

  • Crystal Clear in Indonesia

    Crystal Clear in Indonesia

    12 days aboard the Crystal Clear surf charter in Sumatra, Indonesia.