LIFE! Vending Machine

Another conceptual piece I’m working on for a big SOLO show in 2009! This is a vending machine, which you will be able to insert any random object, a thought scribbled on paper, or anything else that fits in the slot…Then you’ll get it back! Remember! You GET OUT OF LIFE, WHAT YOU PUT IN! Details will be available in a few months but I can promise you this…Its going to be soo FUN! Looking forward to great things as always. Won’t you join me?



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One response to “LIFE! Vending Machine”

  1. taryn Avatar

    i remember when you called me 2 yrs ago to say happy birthday…and you told me about your life vending machine. i LOVEd it! later that night my dad had a massive heart attack, and my life turned completely upside down. i have been thinking about your life vending machine as my new way of life for 2 years now. i’ll never forget it….and thats the best kind of art. just want u to know that.

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