Familjen Video. INSPIRING!

Familjen a.k.a. Johan T Karlsson, a Swedish techno/electropop artist, has blown my mind with the video for the song ‘Det Snurrar I Min Skalle’. That is Swedish for ‘It’s Spinning Inside My Head’. Directed by Johan Söderberg, the video is a mash-up remix of footage from a tent revival. I am hesitant to even use the term mash-up because this is so far beyond what your typical media mash-up has become. Open your eyes and ears and enjoy!

**Where do you start to look for archived footage like this? There are probably so many gems out there waiting to be reborn into modern magic!

via Ryan Firth



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2 responses to “Familjen Video. INSPIRING!”

  1. saara Avatar

    so good! my favorite part is when the lady freaks on the floor and then gets lifted up! i totally lol’d

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