Good Morning Internet – Special Edition: Net Neutrality!

Ok…this one is for the internet!

The FCC is voting to end net neutrality on Dec. 14th. Congress can still stop the vote, but only if we make them. Go to to #StoptheFCC and defend net neutrality before it’s too late.

Then, join me in “breaking the Internet” by adding a new job position to your LinkedIn profile too and tell your network how to #stopthefcc:

Break the Internet - Save Net Neutrality

A visit with Evan Hecox

Longtime Chocolate Skateboards contributor and all around fantastic artist, Evan Hecox, had me by for a quick studio visit. It was a real thrill to spend some time with Evan and learn a bit more about his process.

Kodak | The Girl Skateboard Co.

As the Art Director at Girl Skateboards I had to opportunity to work on a very special project earlier this year. As a film and analog enthusiast the Kodak brand has always held a special place in my heart. I’m happy to share images from the recently released Kodak collaboration we worked on at Girl Skateboards.

When we first began talks with Kodak it was important to me that we did our absolute best to respect each brands identity and create something unique; something that neither brand could do without the other. Luckily Kodak approached our initial concepts with open minds and allowed us room for play. The back bone of this collaboration relied on the film-making piece of the project. We were able to get our hands on a prototype of Kodak’s new Super 8 camera and shoot a ton of film during a road trip in the Pacific Northwest. Most of the graphics in the collection were inspired by the new Super 8 and Kodak’s brand refresh, although we managed to sneak in a little heritage! Have a look at some of the images below and the Super 8 short film shot and cut by the team at Crailtap.

A collaboration between Kodak and The Girl Skateboard Co. celebrating skateboarding, Girl’s rich filmmaking history, and Kodak’s new Super 8 camera. More information at Lifestyle and action photographs by Joe Brook.

A Tripp to Denver

The extended crew hopped on planes and landed in Denver for a couple days of ripping around Colorado to celebrate our friend Tripp’s upcoming wedding. I’m not sure if it’s the age, the altitude, or taking a heavy hill-bomb slam the first morning of the trip, but I did a bit more hanging around then rip-riding than planned. Good thing for the beautiful mountains, hot springs, and surprise summer storms! That’s Camping!

The Art of Table Tennis

I’m very excited to be a part of a project sparked by my very good friend Dan Shetron of Shetron Wood, The Art of Table Tennis. Dan and I have shared many heated ping-pong battles in the garage so it only made sense that he mix his passion for wood working and ping-pong.

A collaboration between Port / Quiet Life and Shetron Wood featuring over 30 artists in the unique medium. Each Shetron paddle is hand crafted from salvage wood using both traditional and modern methods, then handed off to the individual artists to apply their own artistic finishing method. The finished works of art paddles will be available at auction to benefit the Long Beach Rescue Mission. The gallery exhibition runs from Thursday July 13th through the first week of August.