2019 B-Sides

What is A, if not the first? What is today if not the last. A year, the structure, in hours and days, a week and a month at a time. Building upon each other, we count them, the units influence us and we live within time. This one time I celebrated the super blood wolf moon in the Vons parking lot with a stranger. Looking back at some moments in time, just 6 of 525,600 minutes. Fingers crossed I was present and living for all of them; even when the selfies took over.

AGGRO at The Hangout

I was invited by Ignacio Villanueva and Gunther Estrada to be a part of AGGRO, a group show, here in Long Beach. I spent some good time in the backyard and at my new studio working on new paintings made for the show opening September 27th 2019 at The Hangout in Long Beach, California.

The AGGRO group show; a collective group of creative individuals who share the common thread of being involved within their communities, practicing their craft, and contributing to their local scenes and culture through their own unique vision. This practice spawned from the ’80s, where an interest in the four-wheeled-wooden-toy developed and thrived and set the foundation for this group’s daily rituals and lifestyle. Back in the day you could look at another and know they rode; holes in their shoes, their hairstyle and fashion, or the fast, loud music coming from the tape player. They know what it’s like to fall on concrete going full-speed! They get around town, not by street names but by ‘spots’ like the overly painted curb around the corner; where they meet up and spend hours getting a little AGGRO!

Cleaning Up The Earth!

This weekend I participated in my first ever beach clean up. I feel ashamed and embarrassed that I’ve never done this before but it was truly eye opening. Once I opened my eyes the plastic started revealing itself between my toes. It was beautiful and tragic at the same time. Let’s all try to buy less shit and consume less plastic. It’s hard but nothing works unless you try.

Hawaii 1-8 On Video

Thankful for a few days to feel like a kid again and for all my friends who make days like these a reality. This ones for you!