Category: Photography

  • Kodak | The Girl Skateboard Co.

    As the Art Director at Girl Skateboards I had to opportunity to work on a very special project earlier this year. As a film and analog enthusiast the Kodak brand has always held a special place in my heart. I’m happy to share images from the recently released Kodak collaboration we worked on at Girl […]

  • A Tripp to Denver

    The extended crew hopped on planes and landed in Denver for a couple days of ripping around Colorado to celebrate our friend Tripp’s upcoming wedding. I’m not sure if it’s the age, the altitude, or taking a heavy hill-bomb slam the first morning of the trip, but I did a bit more hanging around then […]

  • Indonesia in Photos

    The invitation I couldn’t ignore…a boat trip to Indonesia.

  • Hawaii Dreams Come True

    As a kid I spent endless hours poring over surf magazines filled with images of Hawaii’s North Shore. Photographs of the world’s best surfers riding the world’s best waves were burned into my mind. I had the chance to visit nearly a decade ago after finishing college but it was the Summer and the waves […]

  • Beach Goth 2016

  • Frames from Summertime

    Captured on film, developed with chemicals, stored on hard drives, archived on the blog…these are frames from Summertime 2016. A trip to San Diego, on tour with BOYTOY, an Arizona weekend filled with skateboarding and football, and a couple snaps from Long Beach.

  • Urban Outfitters Photo Diary

    Urban Outfitters recently invited me to curate a selection of 35mm photos from my time in the Los Angeles area. Most images were shot on my long lost Yashica T4 and Olympus Stylus Epic. Along side the images are some questions about life and photography. Have a look and/or a read!

  • A visit with Sage Vaughn for (CHOCOLATE)RED

    I recently had the opportunity to visit Sage Vaughn at his Pasadena studio to chat about skateboarding, his work and what it means to give back. Have a look at the video I shot and cut along with some photos I snapped below. Check out his beautiful Chocolate(RED) board and pick one up to support […]

  • Conversations with Myself

    The photograph below was taken last Summer. It captures what I believe to be three generations (I’m telling you but I’m also showing you because I am not certain)…The New Yorker cover is what I believe to be three generations. I’m more sure of the cartoon than I am of my own photograph.