Turn a Bernie Bro into a Biden Supporter

It would have been hard to imagine our current state of affairs late last year as I began to seriously search for my 2020 candidate. As voters we have too often taken on the role of pundit and it seems every political conversation requires an electability chat. It’s awfully hard to talk issues, policies and ideas when you’re rushing to consider the sum of the parts, toss them in a labeled zip-lock and gather polling data to predict the big showdown!

I took steps towards supporting the ideas of Yang, Warren and Bernie and as we entered 2020 I decided it was important to commit and engage with the Bernie campaign. It was primary season, so rather than be concerned with who or what was electable I believed it was best to support policies I thought were right. Two days canvasing, small bi-weekly donations and attending events was a good start. On the brink of what would be the Coronavirus shutdown I found myself at a large, energized (Bernie attended) rally in Los Angeles.

Bernie Sanders rally in Los Angeles, California on March 1, 2020.

My experience was largely positive with the campaign, and while I did not consider myself a “Bernie Bro” I was warming up to some of the more progressive ideas and expanding my understanding through action. As things heated up for Bernie the rug was pulled out from under me (us) as Biden cleaned up in South Carolina and Bernie’s chances waned.

Anonymous collage by Alan Fletcher

As the shutdown and stay-at-home orders flipped the world on its side my focus shifted. The days melted not unlike my weeknight Klondike bars, a comforting new quarantine habit. After some weeks inside, while tidying up the house, I discovered some left over canvasing materials including two Bernie bumper stickers and I began to play. Always inspired by the brilliant Alan Fletcher, I sliced and re-arranged a bumper sticker. The 2006 film ‘The Secret’, based on the book of the same name, explored the idea that negative and “anti” energy in a political environment fosters more energy for the subject of the negativity. A bit New Age and privileged in this moment, yes, but with all the horrific news and negativity as of late I thought I’d be PRO something. Here I’m sharing a derivative work based on the Bernie Sanders 2020 campaign bumper sticker. The idea is to be Pro-Biden while not abandoning support for progressive policy. While it certainly doesn’t look like a single presidential election will solve any of our problems, my hope is that we can start working on a better future with Biden. Get involved locally, put positivity first, and stand up against injustice!

Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden 2020 Democratic Presidential Candidates
How-to: Turn Bernie Bro into Biden Supporter






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  1. Stephanie Han Avatar

    This is so clever and great! My political journey this election season sounds a lot like yours, actually. Biden was never my first pick but he’s my only pick now.

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