Summer School

It was a fuzzy Friday so I put the rubber to the pavement and split town, heading northeast. Palm Springs laid out on the hot blurry horizon. The property, surrounded by rippled glass and white cement walls, was an oasis in the desert; just as intended. The kidney pool welcomed splashing just as lounge chairs welcomed cocktails. Gas leaked from a pile of volcano rocks before popping into fire, nearly converting smiles to frowns. The next morning the grass was soft like butter, driving circles around desert traps and artificial pools, balls flying left and right. With great relief they would eventually find comfort in the bottom of the cup, occasionally with celebration. A gray blanket of clouds played defense on the heat before yielding to the twelve o’clock hour. Sweat dripped the same as the condensation on aluminum cans. Twelve, sixteen and twenty-four ounce cans…momentarily filled with cheap beer. Back at the compound; lunch, dips, naps and sips. Slippery plastics and risky acrobatics. Confetti mischief and a few bad decisions; fireworks foolishly sabotaged by security. It’s a good thing no one was hurt.

Drawings and Collage from a weekend in the desert and a Summer School workshop with Erin D Garcia at the Ace.

Ace Hotel Summer School

Ace Hotel Summer School

Ace Hotel Summer School

Ace Hotel Summer School

Nick Zegel Pool Drawing Palm Springs

Nick Zegel Ace Hotel Pool Drawing

Nick Zegel Pabst Blue Ribbon PBR Drawing Illustration

Nick Zegel Pool Drawing Palm Springs







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  1. Becca Avatar

    These are great! I love the beer can.

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