A couple days ago I stumbled upon a blog-post that made chills run down my spine. A liberal prank group, The Yes Men, created a fake (but very real looking) version of the New York Times dated July 4th, 2009 & distributed them across the region for free. The peoples reactions are priceless and the shear magnitude of the prank deserves a proper golf clap…Check the video

You can read the actual fake paper online at…Damn I wish I had a hard copy…

Speaking of Paper Boys, if you have seen the Mike Mills film ‘Paper Boys’? Add it to your Netflix. It’s classic!



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  1. Brooke Brighty Avatar
    Brooke Brighty

    Hey nick,
    You are so fuckin talented!!!! Seems like u turned out just how i thought u woud. So i should be around philly more kirs lambert said u just moved up there i would love to catch up dude!!! my n umber is 502-727-8877

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