Art Weekend! Boston!

I was in Boston this past weekend for the Legends of Style event at the Boston Center for the Arts. The show was jam packed with over 200 pieces of art work from some very talented street inspired artists, including but not limited to Kenji Nakayama, Ryan Lombardi, Jessica Hess! The Scion sponsored event had a great turn out, with DJs & Breakdancing throughout the night! I opted to enjoy the night and not have to worry about a camera but check Always on the Grind for photos!

Coincidentally this past weekend also happened to be the Open Studio weekend for Boston University‘s Graduate Painting Exhibition. I made a point of checking out the exhibition and stopping into a few studios. I was blown away by some of the talent coming out of the graduate program at BU! The gallery at 808 Commonwealth Ave, as well as the studios on the third floor of the building, were filled with beautiful work. The show runs through May 4th so hurry up and check it out! A few of my favorites

L > R: Johnathan Daly & Lindsey Warren
Johnathan Daly
Lindsey Warren
L > R: Julia Fernandez-Pol & Lika Yurkovetsky
Julian Fernandez-PolLika Yurkovetsky
L > R: Karen Ann Myers & Adrienne Ginter (Hand-crafted Flowers)
Karen Ann MyersAdrienne Ginter


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