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    A few great videos from ROJO®NOVA…Beautiful music, nicely shot and some great work! If you have the time check them all out 01 02 03 04 …not sure if more are coming ROJO®NOVA work in progress (week03) from ROJO® on Vimeo.

  • AJ Fosik & Bill McRight in Colorado!

    My good friend Bill has a show coming up in Denver, CO with artist AJ Fosik. I had the chance to see AJ’s show last year at Space1026. The work was beautifully crafted and exciting to see in person! I’d have a piece hanging on my wall if I could afford it…until then I’ll just […]

  • Deck Heads 3

    I’m thrilled to be a part of the upcoming “Deck Heads 3” show at Exit Philadelphia. See you FRIDAY! “Never before has Philly been able to pack this much art, skateboarding, and Philly Love into 4 walls!” – Exit Blog

  • Annnd I’m Back!

    For a while there I wasn’t sure when I’d get things figured out! Between work and play I couldn’t seem to find the time to tackle my malware infected wordpress installation and square away some server issues…until now! So welcome back…I’m looking forward to continue sharing with everyone! Not only is the blog back working […]

  • Art Weekend! Boston!

    I was in Boston this past weekend for the Legends of Style event at the Boston Center for the Arts. The show was jam packed with over 200 pieces of art work from some very talented street inspired artists, including but not limited to Kenji Nakayama, Ryan Lombardi, Jessica Hess! The Scion sponsored event had […]

  • Discovery! YES!

    My friend Ty Williams just introduced me to a side project from one of the preppy kids in Vampire Weekend. Ty says, “Dude go on my myspace, I have a song by Discovery on my page, it’s up your ally.” So I dialed my internet browser to http://www.myspace.com/discoverdiscovery. Discover Discovery was exactly what I was […]