Obama…I’m a fan

I’ve been a fan of a lot of things recently, but Barack Obama has really impressed me! I’m very happy with my decision to support him over the past months during his campaign for president. I feel like he could be a friend of mine…Maybe not the, lets go to a show, have some beers, or skate the mini-ramp type of friend, but someone I could honestly connect with and have a solid conversation about whatever either of us finds interesting. Pay close attention to things happening right now, educate yourself, keep an open mind, and make your important decision. Then back up your decision with just a little bit of work or a donation so that WE can turn things around! Join the party and let us make politics positive and progressive! Arcade Fire is a fan. Will.i.am is a fan. Shepard Fairey is a fan…Are you?

Barack Obama by Shepard Fairey






4 responses to “Obama…I’m a fan”

  1. Becky C Avatar

    Totally a fan.

  2. kristin Avatar

    We need you Obama!!!! Hillary is insaaannneee.

  3. Joanna Avatar

    right on. I remember upper playground had fairey’s posters up- love the cambio one. go obama!

  4. KENEDIK Avatar

    I’m becoming a fan. He’s the most accessible and endearing politicians out there. I know of a guy who might have some of those “HOPE” posters if you want his contact info let me know.

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