Cadence Weapon + Born Ruffians = CANADA

The primary reason I ever go to see a show without knowing what I’m getting into is to have the kind of experience I had last night at Johnny Brendas in Philadelphia. I missed the first opener and if it was consistent with the two performances that followed I’m sorry that I chomped down on delicious chicken tacos and mozzarella sticks while they played! Cadence Weapon is Roland and DJ Weezl…Their on stage presence is a bit unique for a hip hop show with only one MC, but Roland holds the stage down and isn’t afraid to get a little funky rolling around on the ground or walking around in the audience. Also, I didn’t have to wave my hands in the air once! RAD! I did throw some mean punches toward the sky, but it felt just right and lasted just long enough. **Thats what she said** Born Ruffians followed with a very high energy set! Their first full album came out yesterday, titled ‘Red, Yellow, and Blue’, and chances are it won’t take long for you to hear a few of the tracks everywhere you go! Have a listen and catch their live show if you can manage. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!

Cadence Weapon – Sharks

Born Ruffians – Hummingbird





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