Over 4 years ago I met a kid named Kyle. He lived in a place in Allston, which I eventually ended up living in two years later. At any rate, I met Kyle because we would go to his place to PaRtY! The interesting thing was that it was usually his roommates throwing the parties, and as they raged on Kyle would usually be in his room making music. Not in an anti-social way, but in a inspiring (I need to rage it on this kiddie xylophone right now!) manner. Long story short, I lost touch with Kyle when he moved down to New York. A few months ago I got a random online request for an official friendship bid, and guess who it was!? You guessed it, Keelay. I thought, who the hell is Keelay? I don’t know this person and I haven’t dipped to accepted random friend requests without a nice message to accompany them. Turns out Kyle is Keelay! One thing led to another and before I knew it I was catching up with Keelay and all of his recent projects! Keelay is killin’ it on a number of levels! Music, Video, Poetry, Blogging…you name it! If you didn’t know, now you do >>

Keelay – Puppies CD from Keelay (Kyle) on Vimeo.



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