After years of claiming to not really watch TV I’d have to admit that every week I look forward to NBC’s 30 Rock. Since the show started last year I don’t think I’ve missed an episode. I don’t think I can say that about any other show I’ve enjoyed, ever! The humor is always on point and more importantly I feel pretty good laughing at a well written script rather than the stupidity of television’s army of boring reality stars.

Liz Lemon: People are going to show up expecting all this great stuff and they’re going to be disappointed and angry.
Tracy Jordan: Just like Colonial Williamsburg.

I love it. So simple and a bit subtle. Whats even better is that if you miss the show you can watch entire episodes online for free with very little advertising (less than TV!). This somewhat makes up for NBC deleting its YouTube account and yanking all of its clips off of the site. NBC is expected to launch the Beta version of their video site, Hulu, sometime soon.







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