NYC and Much More…

Winter is creeping and I’m trying to figure out my next move and much more!

This past weekend was a wild one in NYC, with the premiere of The Best Laid Plans, a surf film I worked on. I believe a great time was had by all and lots of people came out…So thanks for that!

I spent a bunch of time on foot wandering around New York checking shit out…looking and browsing, doodling and sipping on coffee. I saw a bunch of Neckface tags around. His work clashes super hard with your typical tags and oddly enough has a thoughtful sensibility. Maybe?

I just was turned onto quarterlife. Its a web based show, pretty much based on the idea of growing up around the internet. Word is that NBC is buying it and it could be on TV next year. The show is a bit of a guilty pleasure. Its interested in how living a second life on the internet affects life. Something to ponder…

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