Wes Anderson

So I haven’t seen Wes Anderson’s latest film The Darjeeling Limited but I have to say that after every film he makes I’m more and more inspired. Everything from the writing, the acting, the character development, soundtracks, and the branding and identity of the films is on point.

Wes Anderson has a formula and sticks to it. As an artist it seems impossible to pick just one style or medium and keep it interesting but in Anderson’s case, his movie making never gets stale. I’m not saying he doesn’t switch things up or try new things but his movements are consistent. His attention to detail in the sets and the saturation of the film feels perfect. Each moving composition could be frozen and make a wonderful photograph. ‘I’m a fan’ and I’ll try and find a nearby theater playing The Darjeeling Limited as soon as possible.

The Darjeeling Limited soundtrack includes songs by The Kinks and The Rolling Stones but also features some beautiful Indian music. So good that at first listen I purchased some online at emusic.com. You can listen to the soundtrack on the official website so check it out and listen to the clip of Charulata by Satyajit Ray.

BONUS: Search ‘Hotel Chevalier’ on iTunes and you can download a free short film by Anderson.



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