The Happening Photos!

I was in NYC this past weekend for The Happening Live. On Thursday there was a preview opening and then I hung around the city for the big event on Friday. I was super siked on the photography of Joe Curren, the artwork of my friend Julie Goldstein, as well as the Michael Leon print that I bought.

Afterwards there was a big concert/video showing at Hiro Ballroom – It was a blast, lots of great music by Emily Haines, Matt Costa, Mason Jennings, Money Mark, Neil Halstead, Ray Barbee, and The Mattson 2 – Below are some photos from the weekend!



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3 responses to “The Happening Photos!”

  1. ty williams Avatar

    i love these photos and holy cow that night was fun…and you did dance.

  2. jonathan morken Avatar
    jonathan morken

    damn that was happening. sicky.

  3. Adam Doren Avatar
    Adam Doren

    WHATSS HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!! talk about a crazy night Sick photos

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