Heaven is Tonight

Last month I stumbled down to Austin for another waffle taco, a bit of brisket and lots and lots of noise. The kids from Boston, who moved to New York were there. The kids from Philly who moved nowhere were there. The kids from Los Angeles were there. It’s where the kids go and so I followed…

There’s something about splitting town for FUN, when there’s work to be done at home, that promotes anxiety, which requires action. The action is to capture the action. What to do with all that action? Share it! How to share it? The internet! But wait, first allow me to meticulously edit, develop, format, upload and spit. It’s work but it’s working. Documenting friends’ creative pursuits fuels my creative spirit, makes for a lot of unpaid work and lets me rest easy come sun down (most nights).

Speaking of work…The video below is a live clip of the Dirty Fences. These guys are hard working, rock-n-rollin’, “real deal holyfield” types. I met up with the guys a few times in Texas and saw them just a week later in Los Angeles for one more wild night…A mash-up of footage, some good; some bad; all badass.

Dirty Fences at East 7th Punx in Downtown Los Angeles
Dirty Fences at East 7th Punx in Downtown Los Angeles



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