Malibu on a Sunday

Last Sunday I made the drive up the 405 to the infamous Malibu Beach for a day in the sun with a motley crew of east coast transplants and some visitors from afar. The line-up was packed, the waves kept coming and the show didn’t stop ’til after sun down… Oh what a day!

Rob Kulisek at Malibu

Ty Williams at Malibu

Malibu Signage Surf Swim

Teepee at Malibu Beach

Surfboards at Malibu Beach California

Fritz Mead at Malibu

Ty Williams on Instagram

Wax Job at Malibu







2 responses to “Malibu on a Sunday”

  1. Becca Avatar

    Looks fun! Nice photos.

  2. Gina Zegel Avatar
    Gina Zegel

    Nice to see you aren’t wasting time just lying around!! Love the photos.

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