A Weekend in America

This weekend I stumbled upon the new album ‘Apocalypse’ from Bill Callahan. Until a couple days ago I had never knowingly heard of the guy, but in a short two days I listened to the entire album six times, looping some tracks more than twice that many times. The simple & slow folk music sounds sad, until you really listen. The album is really unbelievable and has left me feeling inspired, contemplative & thankful. Buy this album. Listen to this album. This is not a disposable collection of songs. Listen to ‘Free’s’ below!

Just yesterday I was caught up in the emotional final performance by LCD Soundsystem at Madison Square Garden. I watched the live webcast, laying on the couch underneath a blanket, feeling a swirl of emotions as if I was witnessing something historic. Although I was alone, I felt like I was sharing a special moment with friends around the world. Time will tell, whether or not it was in fact the final performance from a group that has contributed far more to independent music than most of their contemporaries.

Last night I walked into a bar and watched a band play a variation of METAL to an un-suspecting crowd. I was sipping a dirty martini and it felt surreal. The night before I found myself dancing to soul & funk music. A weekend in America.

Bill Callahan – Free’s







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