Japan Relief

As shocking as the photographs and as devastating the news of Japan’s massive earthquake last week it’s easy to feel helpless and just go about your daily life. Luckily technology has made it ridiculously easy to donate just a few dollars, most notably the recent development of text message donations! And you can’t put it past the creative community to come together and offer generous sales of original work, apparel, etc, all of which benefit Japan. I’ve sent my text. (Text REDCROSS to 90999 to Give $10 to the Japan Earthquake and Pacific Tsunami) And I went on a mini-shopping spree, picking up a few things which I’ll enjoy even more knowing that 100% of proceeds (or in some cases, 100% of sales) went towards relief in Japan…Check out my buys and do your big little part! Click the images to get yours!

My first Mike Perry original (screen print). 100% of sale!

My first Hydro 74 t-shirt (that I know of). 100% of proceeds.

And a whacky t-shirt & surf dvd from Dane Reynolds. 100% of sales and Dane will match all profits for the week!







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