VBS Bangs!

Another flash from the past…back in 2007 while I was still living in Boston (Allston) Lance Bangs (of Jackass fame) visited the basements of Greylock, where I spent many formidable nights, to record a mini documentary about Ryan Z. Ryan Z was a kid I’d often see about town; he ran in similar circles and was well known for his flamingo neck tattoo (as you will learn if you watch below…). Long story short, the footage that Lance Bangs shot that night had apparently been deleted or gone missing and it wasn’t until a couple days ago (almost 4 years later) that VBS posted an edited 2 part series from that day as part of the BANGS series. I made the cut above as I poured beer on Ryan’s head at the end of part 2…Also below is a photo of Protokoll that I shot that night and a photo of Ryan Z from a Heuristic show before they broke up. I’ve always loved these images.

Watch Part 1 & Part 2 at VBS.TV. The whole thing isn’t particularly fascinating (just a bunch of kids making noise & partying) but its fun to take a trip down memory lane.







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