Architecture in Helsinki

Every once and a while a band comes along that really grabs your attention. When Architecture in Helsinki released their first LP Fingers Crossed back in 2003, I was a freshman in college, and I remember thinking “I’ve never heard anything like this before” …Granted I was just starting to dive head first into the wide world of music outside of TRL, Top 40 radio, Sublime, Nirvana, 90s standards, etc… Long story short, Architecture in Helsinki is back after a 3 year silent period with a new single, upcoming album & beautiful online presence designed by the talented folks at People Collective. I really appreciate the careful consideration of the whole package. Beautiful work!

Architecture in Helsinki – Contact High

Architecture in Helsinki – Kindling (from Fingers Crossed)







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  1. danny corey Avatar
    danny corey

    I was just grooving to ‘Places Like This’ in my empty apartment yesterday

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