Should I Work for Free?

Design & Life Wisdom from the talented Jessica Hische. I saw Jessica speak a few years back in Philadelphia at an AIGA talk and I had an overwhelming feeling that I’d continue to hear her name. This is likely due to her wonderful talent (flip through her portfolio now!) but I’d bargain to say that her willingness to teach others, whether it’s breaking down typeface design or digesting and presenting ideas like this, plays a big part in her success. I’d like to just point out the fact that Jessica is a giver (she has a whole blog category dedicated to her ideas which she’d like to see you steal!). We should all learn a little something from her willingness to give…and start giving a little bit more of ourselves. Thanks for the inspiration Jessica!






2 responses to “Should I Work for Free?”

  1. haveboard Avatar

    I am completely in love with this flowchart. I need to print it out and give it to people asking for free work.

  2. zeeg Avatar

    I think there are prints of it coming soon!

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