Happy New Year!

Its 2011! A New Year! I’ve got some energy to put into this old blog of mine (it’s almost been 4 years in it’s current format!) so please keep an eye on it…

I ended the year with a decent number of posts, mostly doodles and odd ball stuff…So expect more of that! I’m hoping to do a little re-design of the blog…making it jive a bit more with my portfolio and let it flow with content.

I’d also like to personally thank each and every visitor for their support and interest in my online and offline dabbling! Please feel free to say hello and if there are opportunities, questions, collaborations, requests, compliments or criticism…then e-mail me (zeegisbreathing(at)gmail.com)!!! After all, in the social media world of today, sharing is caring. My sincere best wishes and positive vibrations for the NEW YEAR (Frontier) !

*the masks are copied from the cover of Design as Art by Bruno Munari – Read this book!






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