Wah Do Dem & Sean Bones

I posted a while back about Sean Bones’s small boutique label S/S Friends and while checking out some of Sean’s new music I stumbled upon this trailer for ‘Wah Do Dem’. The new indie film, in which Sean plays the lead role, follows a hapless guy named Max (Sean) who wins two cruise tickets, but gets dumped and has to go on the trip alone. Max spends a week on a Senior Citizen’s cruise before getting robbed and lost in Jamaica during his day trip there. Somewhere along the way, he gets taken in and sees the ‘real Jamaica’. The trailer looks beautiful and feels refreshing, partly because of the beautiful Jamaican landscape & the underlying theme of discovery. The film ‘Wah Do Dem’ premieres at the LA Film Festival on June 20th & 24th so if you are in the area don’t miss it! Additionally Sean Bone’s first full length album is set to release July 21st on French Kiss Records and I don’t doubt that it’ll become a late summer staple for beach days and BBQs.

Sean Bones – Dancehall



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  1. Cardona Avatar

    This looks killer. hope this comes out East.

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