A Shot in the Dark. Take one!

Once in a while it’s great fun to just buy an album without knowing anything or very little about the artist. I can remember being in Paris a couple years ago, walking into a record store, and purchasing two discs on a whim. I couldn’t read the track titles or understand the names of the albums but it was a bit of a rush. I didn’t know what I had gotten into, but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a CD player to see what there was to discover. Those two discs were just satisfactory, and I couldn’t understand the lyrics, but it didn’t stop me from continuing to take chances on music. Just over a year ago I heard the name Kashmere Stage Band, and read a small article mentioning a re-issue of this high school stage band’s music, which had been all but lost for years, existing only on a hand full of rare records. This was one shot in the dark that paid off BIG TIME! Kashmere Stage Band does not disappoint with their James Brown-esque funk anthems and high-energy sound. Dig it!

Kashmere Stage Band

While in Tennessee last weekend I took another very successful shot in the dark when I picked up a rare compilation of the Memphis Jug Band with beautiful recordings from 1927-1932. Touching on a bit of jazz, blues, & folk the Memphis Jug Band is perfect for an early morning cup of coffee. So take a short in the dark! And if you dare please share!

Kashmere Stage Band – Take FiveKashmere Stage Band – Take Five







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