Wallpaper So Pretty

Desktop wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to personalize the computer so when I stumbled upon Kitsune Nior’s beautiful collection of wallpapers I just had to share! Created by some of todays finest illustrators, the wallpapers are available in practically every size and available for the iPhone & PSP. Some beautiful illustrations at nice resolution and ready for downloading! In the spirit I’ve made the recent image I created for a YCBW poster available in a wallpaper and iPhone format! ENJOY! Check the wallpapers at http://kitsunenoir.com/blog/dwp/…or download mine below!

Top of Their Class Wallpaper






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  1. Becky C Avatar

    Ah yes, you may have seen one of these lovely wallpapers recently featured in one of my posts? 😛 They’re wild. In a good way.

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