The Royal Portrait

Portrait photography has been around since the invention and popularization of the camera. It is a cheaper and often more accessible method than portrait painting, which had been used by distinguished figures before the popularity of the camera. – Wikipedia

Over time and after the invention of the polaroid (RIP…for the time being) portraits became more and more informal and much more common. Today they are one in a bajillion! However, due to some technological developments thanks to Motion Portrait I foresee a very big BANG for portrait “photography”. As soon as this technology is released to the public (My understanding is that right now it is available just for game developers) everyone is going to want their MOTION PORTRAIT! Motion Portrait automatically creates a 3D model instantly from one single picture. It enables Real-time rendering, and allows users to interact/animate characters with the movement of a mouse or touch of a button! Most impressive of all is Motion Portraits various natural facial expressions via their Expression Engine. MotionPortrait creates surprisingly natural facial expressions! Kind of creepy / Kind of cool – Check out the interactive example of this asian girl or watch this demo!

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