Snail Mail and Stuff

So every once and a while I think about technology, the internet, and cellphones. I wonder when there is going to be a complete rejection of it all. Do you ever think a group of people would ditch their cellphones and just operate land-line style? I’ve joked with friends about ditching my phone and just lurking on a specific street corner everyday from 4-5pm…if you need me you know where to find me. Its no small task but how fun would that be! Imagine how much you’d see/experience!

Airmail Letter

I’ve had a broken screen on my cellphone for the past two months and its funny how its changed the way I use my phone. My battery dies often, When I get a text message I just call the sender (and usually handle business rather than finger poking for an hour to accomplish what a two minute phone call does), and I call people by accident, which is rather fun.

Speaking of fun, remember how much fun it is to get a good piece of mail. Yes, mail, delivered by a mail man to the mailbox, outside of your house! Seeing that e-mail, myspace, phone calls and all that jazz are just so damn fast and easy sending real mail is actually kind of punk. That extra effort which goes into sending mail also makes it more meaningful. So…where am I going with this? Well, I want to send more mail so if you’d like some mail drop me your address and I’ll try and send you something…whether or not I know you I’ll do my best to buy a stamp and send something along!

***On a side note I’m going to try and blog about some interesting stuff a bit more often rather than just blogging about what I’m doing. So check back and hopefully you’ll find some good stuff! And oh yes…I hope to update the Work section, because its gone damn stale!







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